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My Accomplishments

The Pharmacist

As a pharmacist I provide patient care that optimizes the therapeutic use of medication; as well advice regarding the safe, appropriate, and cost-effective use of medications. Pharmacists also promote health, wellness and disease prevention. As a pharmacist I often collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals. Pharmacists routinely provide medication therapy evaluations and recommendations to patients and other health care professionals. As a Pharmacist, I am the primary source of health information to my patients because we are the most accessible health professional.

The Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer of Winifred Enterprises, I hold the highest position in the company.  I proudly represent the face of the entire company because I planted  and nurtured the seeds. I associate the position as CEO with leadership, strength, and vision.

The Product Developer

I have always enjoyed compounding and mixing ingredients, but I began developing hair care products out to necessity. There wasn't anything on the market that could protect my daughters’ hair from the chlorine and the hot Florida sun. I tried everything available but nothing worked, my stylist suggested that I mix something up since I had a compounding background. I started researching and mixing different ingredients until I found the right combinations. My first product was a Pre-Swim conditioner that protected the hair from chlorine & sun damage. I continued mixing in the kitchen until the demand required a larger scale.

It was difficult to find a manufacturer that would custom formulate a product to my specifications. Product development is an extensive endeavor; starting with the custom formulation of product, packaging design and marketing. I was involved in the entire processes of getting my new products to market. I was fortunate to find a company that transformed my formulations and developed my vision into a commercial reality.

The Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who thinks and works in a different fashion with an objective to solve a problem. Entrepreneurs are very ambitious; they are the leaders and achievers that strive for excellence. I am not a good follower; I have always marched to my own beat and danced to my own tune. I believe in blazing a trail rather than following the trodden down path.  Being an entrepreneur is a gratifying and challenging endeavor.

The UnFranchise® Owner

I own and operate a chain of online UnFranchises. Like a franchise, an UnFranchise® provides systemization, standardization, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising and marketing tools, growing visibility and the opportunity to own multiple business locations. However, unlike a franchise, there are no franchise fees, monthly royalties, territorial restrictions, little to no risks and minimal start-up expenses. Best of all, UnFranchise® owners leverage their time and duplicate their efforts by creating a sales organization with others doing the same. Simply put, the UnFranchise® Business Development System provides a path to financial independence by allowing UnFranchise® owners to secure a stream of ongoing income. Market America’s UnFranchise® Business Development System is a proven plan for your financial success.

Through my online UnFranchise®, customers are able to find cutting-edge, exclusive brands from Market America alongside some of the most recognizable retailers like Target, Best Buy, Nike, Gap, Bloomingdale’s and many more. Thousands of popular partner stores offering millions of products are just one click away. Best of all, my customers get paid up to 50 percent cashback just for buying the things they already buy from the same stores they love and trust. Plus, customers who share the cashback program with friends will get ½ percent cashback on every purchase made by people they referred.

The NutraMetrix Consultant

As a Certified Health Professional & Medical Wellness Consultant I received recognition for superior performance for my work with medical practices in 2011 and 2012. I implement Customized Wellness Solutions for health professionals and medical practices. This is accomplished by assisting health professionals in providing wellness services to their patients while positively impacting their bottom line with ancillary income. Patients want to stay well and want advice on how to achieve optimal health from their health practitioners. I provide a system for health professionals to seamlessly integrated advance wellness solutions into their practices.

  • Customizable Nutritional Solutions​

  • DNA testing (for Nutritional Purposes)​

  • Weight Management Solutions​

  • Highly Trained Consultants​

  • Continuing Education for Health Professionals​


The Shopping Consultant

As a Shop Consultant I provide a one-stop internet destination for online shopping, Hot Deals & Cashback! Shop from over 3000 stores, such as Barnes & Noble, Staples, Wal-Mart and Target. My clients take advantage of discounts, free shipping, and Cashback deals! There are over 35 million products available with up to 50% Cashback from our favorite and most popular stores! Visit us today!

The TLS Coach (Transitions LifeStyle)

I am a practicing pharmacist as well as a certified Health & Wellness Coach. Since pharmacists are so easily accessible, I am in a key position to provide education about weight management to the general community. I can assist my patients or clients with the proper dietary changes and lifestyle-modification, as well as the proper exercise program to facilitate weight loss.  As a Health & Wellness Coach I educate, motivate, empower and coach my clients and patients on their individualized goals for lifestyle change. I coach participants in all areas of health/lifestyle education, management, prevention and risk reduction to help improve their overall health. I work with participants in person, by remote video conference, webinars and by phone. Clients are coached individually or in a group setting. As a Health Professional I am well equipped to assist my patients or clients to better understand their health conditions, medications, dietary (caloric) restrictions and exercise plans must be followed to ensure successful weight loss.

The Non-Profit Fundraising Consultant

Helping Non-Profit Organizations Reach Their Goals

I implement a free program for non-profit organizations that converts their supporter’s needs into supporting the cause, the mission and the vision of the non- profit organization. Supporters have the opportunity to purchase to what they are already buying, help support the non-profit organization, plus get cashback at the same time. Yes, the supporters get paid to shop on the organization’s web portal. So if the organization has supporters that make purchases online, book hotel rooms, book flights, download music, eat at restaurants or use personal care products; then I implement a program that generate revenue for a non-profit organization in need of funds.

Winifred Bate-Pope, a graduate of the Florida A&M University College of  Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Winifred Bate-Pope, founder and CEO of Naturceutics, Inc. founded her own aloe vera base hair maintenance system Nature's Prescription.

Winifred Bate-Pope and husband Keith Pope (right) take a photo with Market America's Founder and CEO, J.R. Ridinger.

Winifred Bate-Pope, CEO of Naturceutics, Inc. being interviewed on the set of the "Christmas In July" television home shopping show.

Click image above to view  "Christmas In July"  interview.

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